To begin…

I have been deciding how to start this blog. I think this episode has played in my head for a long time, but isn’t the best way to begin is just to… begin.  I had another blog and I love it so much ( I started it in 2005 when I began animal rescue in LA, but I felt a new beginning was necessary, however it will stay for shop updates and dog photos :D.

So I have been thinking a lot of this space… who would want to come, what would you want to read. What can I offer you or does any of this really matter?

Everything now days feel so much harder because everyone wants to make money and monetize their time, of course, I do as well, but I am letting that go. I want this space to be… frankly whatever it needs to be… I love to talk about movies, food, art and dogs. So I hope you will join my conversation?

I am working on some pretty great movie reviews… what are you watching?

So hello?! tell me something about you? le howlPIN

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